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Upholding family ties is vital to the success of a beleiver. All of our families were given to us as a trust and as our test, no one chooses the family they are born in and nobody controls how their family will behave or change over time. We’re only in control of our own actions / reactions, our character, morals and our values… this is what Allah will hold us to account for. Broken families are part of the Modern world, we have parents who don’t know how to be parents, siblings who don’t know how to be proper siblings and finally we have children who don’t know how to be proper children to their parents. It’s vital that in every stage of our growth which we go through that we fulfil the roles and uphold family ties as best as we can during our lifetime. Be the best son, daughter, brother or sister, and be the best husband or wife, And mother or father. It doesn’t matter how everyone in your family treats you, I’m not saying to be passive if there’s abuse going on, take action and stand for justice, but at the same time to forgive and pardon is the best thing we can do for our families and souls. I won’t go into details about my Father or my upbringing… but I’ll definitely state that I hated his actions growing up and had alot of resentment in my heart. Over time I learned to adopt a forgiving nature towards him for the sake of Allah and Alhamdulillah 15 years later since the day I chose to do so.. now we have a wonderful relationship and I understand how he made mistakes based on his culture and upbringing. Instead of hating him I pray Allah has mercy upon him and visit him often. Through his mistakes I learned so much by Allah’s mercy on what a man shouldn’t do as a husband or as a father. In shah Allah this will benefit my family now thanks to his actions and being able to learn from them. There’s always good which can come out of hardships… we just have to focus on making that happen by pleasing Allah and being patient, forgiving and wise. May Allah grant us all the ability to uphold even the worst of family ties with patience and be the best we can at fulfilling our roles as children and parents for the benefit of our families and Ummah. Ameen.
– Umar