Overthinking vs Underthinking

Much of what we call overthinking is often underthinking. Meaning, if you find yourself engaging in repetitive, obsessive, non-productive thoughts, it’s likely you haven’t precisely identified and fully unpacked what’s bothering you. Often, overthinking is the result of a combination of issues that haven’t been fully analyzed.

Last breath…

They don’t know yet we do, they are living in the ecstasy of their lives in the lust and joy of their lives, while gasping last breath of their lives!

Beginning…of the new awesome 

Life is just beginning, far away in the dense green forest of goodness, holding hands while inhaling the freshness of everything new; we will begin our new story. May God bless every part, every step, every action of our lives.
For thousands of  years to come I be cherishing  you in thousand of  ways!